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Introduction & History

Introuuction & History


Department History and Current Status

  Department of Chemical Engineering was found in 1973 with its full name as Department of Chemical Engineering at Private Lien Ho Junior of Technology. Initially, the department admitted students to two-year junior college program. As Private Lien Ho Junior of Technology was upgraded to National Lien Ho Institute of Technology in 1999, students to two-year technical programs were admitted. Later, in order to promote the development of higher education locally, several years of endeavor from faculty, students, and local people enabled this institution receiving approval to upgrade its status again to a comprehensive university on August 1, 2003, becoming National United University (NUU). The full name of the department is set to be Department of Chemical Engineering at National United University, and the department began to admit one class of undergraduate students and students in four-year technical program respectively. In the second year of 2003 academic year, the department receives approval to establish master’s program. Since 2006, four-year technical program has been suspended, and instead, the department admits two classes of undergraduate students. In 2008, doctoral program in material and chemical engineering was approved by Ministry of Education to be cofounded by Department of Chemical Engineering and Department of Material Science and Engineering. Besides, in order to provide students from Taoyuan, Hsinchu, and Miaoli areas with opportunities to join in-service study, the department admitted a class of students in four-year technical program of night division in 2010. At present, the department includes undergraduate program, four-year technical program of night division, master’s program, and doctoral program, which is quite complete. Currently, NUU has six colleges, including College of Engineering and Science, College of Management, College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Design, and College of Hakka, taking up 65 hectares of campus areas. The second campus in Bajia, taking up 56 hectares of area, was carefully planned with macro beauty by NUU and started construction since 2006. At present, the construction is being completed, and so is the construction of the new Chemical Engineering Department building (5 stories) which starts using in July 2010. The areas of new Chemical Engineering Department building take up 6,500 square meters which is three times of the old one.

  Over 5,000 students graduated from the department for the past 40 years ever since the department was founded. Our Alumni are working in different corners of industries, contributing to society with what they have learned, and adding momentum to promote social progress and development. The department covers a broad area of professional fields. In addition to traditional chemical engineering education, applied subjects, such as material engineering (nanomaterial, functional polymer materials, high-performance and functional composite materials, inorganic - organic hybrid materials, biomaterials and microelectronic materials), chemical engineering clean production process, environmental pollution, separation technology, biochemical engineering, and energy technology are valued for further development in order to catch up the trends of times and integrate closely with industrial needs. The overall goal of the department is to nurture outstanding and excellence chemical engineering professionals with theoretical and practical expertise. To tie in Taiwan’s technological development policies and satisfy the needs of relevant industries, the department is dedicated to applying chemical engineering expertise to applied engineering, such as material technology, biochemistry technology, and fine (green) chemical engineering so as to seize the opportunity to promote industry-academia cooperation, improving techniques and production processes of chemical engineering industry in the new century. According to the development of chemical engineering in the new age, needs of industries, and expertise and research areas of our faculty, Department of Chemical Engineering focuses on three main areas to develop research and practical capacities in an hope to show characteristics of each area.



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