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CHE Dancing Center

CHE Dancing Center


CHE Dancing Center


    As someone traveled far to this mountain city where NUU is, it is the most cheerful mission to become a protector of these many students through a work contract years later.  CHE’s new build in Bajia Campus quadruples students’ learning space at the least.  In order to let the students enjoy their youth at the most energetic and glowing age by offering an outdoor space for sport, group activity and stress-relieving after class, the concept of building a dancing center was on the plan.  Since the school had no extra fund, a donation was launched among department staff.  To remember their effort, the center is therefore named the CHE Dancing Center.

[A cheer for the youth]

Dance for your youth, dance for your passion, and fulfill your young life!

With a young heart, write a dialogue for the future.

At your young age, cheer for the illimitable life.

With a young heart, compose a movement for your fortune.

At your young age, hail for the illimitable spring.

May your spirit fly high.  May the sun color wide.

May your spirit sail forward.  May the sea impel far.

Oh~~Yeah~~Let youth run through the field and pass the shining mountains,

Go, freshly towards your coordinate of life.

Oh~~Yeah~~Go!  Energetically face the vigorous era.




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