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Activities for Freshman

Activities for Freshman



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1.Welcome party

  In order to introduce the freshmen of their new school life, predecessors will hold a welcome party for newcomers to meet new friends and ask questions about learning and living on the campus.

2.CHE Orientation

  To guide the freshmen settle in new environment among new schoolmates, CHE Association will hold group activities for students to communicate with each other.

3.Lot for the guiding predecessor

  The freshmen can lot each one’s guiding predecessor, who will share experiences towards future challenges as well as answer questions for life and schoolwork.

4.Freshmen Cup

  Held by the school for newcomers to bring their young talents into full play, the Freshmen Cup includes wonderful sports competitions such as badminton, volleyball, basketball, etc.


  CHE BBQ is the most unmissable activity in a whole year.  The Association will prepare ingredients and BBQ tools for everyone to enjoy grills together.  There will also be songs and dances to make the BBQ come alive.  Let’s heat up the cold weather!

6.CHE Christmas Eve

  Each class of the department will prepare a performance as surprises in the Christmas Eve.

7.CHE Cup

  Through sports activities, CHE students may exchange with each other in games of volleyball, badminton, table tennis and basketball.  Different from the severe competitions of Freshmen Cup, the CHE Cup offers a delightful time for CHE members to share together.

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