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Physical Chemistry Laboratory

Physical Chemistry Laboratory.


Physical Chemistry Laboratory..
Room No.:A2-533
TeacherProf. Chang Min-Yun and Dr. Huang Shu-Ling
CoursePhysical Chemistry Experiments
Teaching Feature:

Students can understand basic phenomenon and principles of physics and chemistry through experiments, including basic physical properties of pure substances, properties of solutions, chemical reaction, reaction order, electrochemistry, batteries, and others (adsorption, paper chromatography, and so on.)


Lab 1: Determine Liquid Density

Lab 2: Determine Surface Tension

Lab 3: Determine Liquid Viscosity

Lab 4: Determine the Molecular Weight with Boiling-Point Elevation

Lab 5: Determine the Molecular Weight with Freezing-Point Depression

Lab 6: Determine the Molecular Weight of Polymers

Lab 7: Determine the Heat of Solution

Lab 8: Determine the Heat of Neutralization

Lab 9: Determine the Vapor Pressure of Liquid

Lab 10: Determine the Solubility if Solid Matters

Lab 11: Determine the Transition Point

Lab 12: Determine the Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium of Binary Liquid

Lab 13: The Hydrolysis Rate of Ethyl Acetate

Lab 14: The Saponification of Ethyl Acetate

Lab 15: The Decomposition Rate of Hydrogen Peroxide

Lab 16: Verify Faraday’s Law

Lab 17: Determine the Electromotive Force and Electrode Potential of Batteries

Lab 18: pH and the Ampholyte of Ionization Degree

Lab 19: Determine Decomposition Voltage

Lab 20: Adsorption of Solution

Lab 21: Paper Chromatography

Lab 22: Determine Refractive Index

Lab 23: Methanol Fuel Cell

Lab 24: Calibrate Thermal Determination Units

Lab 25: Water Electrolysis and Hydrogen Fuel Cell


Main Equipment:
1.Dry Bath
3.Constant Current DC Power Supplier
4.DC E-Load
5.DC Power Supplier
7.Methanol Fuel Cell
8.Water Electrolysis Bath and Hydrogen Fuel Cell
9.pH Meter
10.Calomel Electrode
11.Specific Gravity Bottle

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