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Organic Chemistry Laboratory

Organic Chemistry Laboratory.


Organic Chemistry Laboratory.
Room No.:A2-532
TeacherDr. Lee Jen-Yen
CourseOrganic Chemistry Experiments
Teaching Feature:

1.Students can be familiar with the organic compound synthesis and determination of its properties.
2.Understand lab safety and properties of chemicals.
3.Students are trained for correct attitudes toward experiments and for writing reports of group experiments, section quizzes, and manufacture of the chlorophyll battery; let students search and design their own eco-friendly batteries.





Lab 1: Determine Melting Point

Lab 2: Recrystallization

Lab 3: Simple Distillation

Lab 4: Extract Acetic Acid

Lab 5: Organic Molecular Model

Lab 6: Determine Optical Rotation

Lab 7: The Nature of Alkyls, Alkenes, Alcohols, Aldehydes, and Ketones

Lab 8: Paper and Thin Layer Chromatography

Lab 9: Synthesis of Aspirin

Lab 10: Synthesis of Soap and Acrylic Stamps

Lab 11: Aldol Condensation Synthesis

Lab 12: Diels-Alder reaction

Lab 13: Investigate Sn1 Reaction

Lab 14: Synthesis of Benzenesulfonic Acid

Lab 15: Cannizzaro reaction

Lab 16: Parallel Reaction

Lab 17: Determine Carbohydrates

Lab 18: Determine Proteins

Lab 19: Extract Acid-Base Indicator From Plants

Lab 20: Chlorophyll Battery

Lab 21: Esterification

Lab 22: Synthesis of Benzoic Acid


Main Equipment:
2.Melting Point Apparatus
3.Vacuum Rotary Evaporator
4.Vacuum Oven & Forced Air Flow Oven
6.Semi-Micro Distillation Kit
8.Weighting Scale
9.Stirrer With Heating
10.Dry Bath
11.Chemicals Cabinet
12.Waste Classification Barrel
13.All Kinds Of Glassware

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