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General Chemistry Laboratory

General Chemistry Laboratory.


General Chemistry Laboratory

Room No.:A2-527、A2-528
Teacher: Prof. Chiou Ming-Shen, Prof. Chang Min-Yun and Dr. Huang Shu-Ling

Course: General Chemistry Laboratory



Teaching Features:

Students can proactive the basic operation of chemistry experiments, understand theory and actual practice, analyze chemicals related to our daily life, and be trained for writing reports.



Lab 1: Determine the Total Alkali Content of Caustic Soda Liquid

Lab 2: Determine the Concentration of Acetic Acid (Oxalic Acid)

Lab 3: The pH of Salt Solution

Lab 4: Determine the Function of Gastric Antacid Tablets

Lab 5: Titration of Sodium Carbonate and Sodium Bicarbonate by Double Indicators

Lab 6: Determine the Separation and Ions of Proteins in Milk

Lab 7: Determine the Hardness in Water

Lab 8: Determine the Alumni Ion in Water

Lab 9: Preparation of Potassium alum with Empty Alumni Cans

Lab 10: Quantify Borax

Lab 11: Determine the Content of Vitamin C

Lab 12: Quantify H2O2 (Prepare foods may contain H2O2, such as bean curd or one-time chopsticks)

Lab 13: Determine Available Chlorine Bleach In Water

Lab 14: The Change in Color of Iron-Containing Compounds

Lab 15: Oil, Soap And Synthetic Detergent


1.Weighting Scale
2.Heating Board

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