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Unit Operation Laboratory. (I)(II)

Unit Operation Laboratory. (I)(II)


Unit Operation Laboratory. (I)(II)



Floor: 1F

Room No.: A2-132, A2-133

Teacher: Prof. Wu Feng-Chin and Prof. Chang Min-Yun

Course: Unit Operation Laboratory. (I)(II)


Teaching Features:


Experiments are incorporated with verification of theory. Students are trained for the ability of doing and understanding at the same time.




Lab 1: Wetted Wall

Lab 2: Non-Newtonian Fluid

Lab 3: Flow of Fluid in Pipes

Lab 4: Efflux Time

Lab 5: Fluidized Bed

Lab 6: Pressure Decreasing of Packed Column

Lab 7: Heat Exchanger Kit

Lab 8: Liquid-Gas Absorption of CO2

Lab 9: Cyclonic Separation

Lab 10: Dry

Lab 11: Determine Liquid-Liquid and Liquid-Gas Diffusion Coefficient

Lab 12: Agitation Power

Lab 13: Thermal Conductivity of Solid

Lab 14: Graph of Properties of Centrifugal Pumps

Lab 15: Isothermal Equilibrium of Chitosan Absorbing Dye

Lab 16: Dynamics of Chitosan Absorbing Dye


1.Weighting Scale

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